Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Learning should be meaningful... The Minister of Education in Finland --- so, find a topic and go deep

Students should work together in school.  
The learning should be meaningful to the students

This is the TEDx talk by Marjo Kylloenen

LINK to the TEDx talk

She is quoted here

“There are schools that are teaching in the old-fashioned way which was of benefit in the beginning of the 1900s — but the needs are not the same, and we need something fit for the 21st century.“

See this link

At 21Century.education, students are asked to select internships and to choose what they want to observe closely.

If the students are interested in animals, let's ask the questions from the LEARNING GOALS of Big Picture Learning.
History of animals
When did the first veterinarians start calling themselves "vets"?
How were animals used in war?

The Science of Animals
There are TV shows that compare the bite strength of jaws.  Do alligators or Tigers have a stronger bite?
What are trends in numbers?   Percent of cat owners vs. dog owners?

Animals in other languages
What do dogs say in Spanish?   
perro (dog): guau guau, guau (ladrar) — bark, bow-wow, arf, ruff

The math of animals
How much liquid needs to drip into the veins of a small dog?

Study the history of the smart phone

This was discussed in minute 13

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