Friday, March 10, 2017

Become a Digital Footprint Specialist: Go to

Look at these certifications that are available.

The focus is on SOCIAL MEDIA.   What if additional ways to expand a DIGITAL FOOTPRINT are used?

- to make a book
- Sound Cloud to spread an audio footprint
- Web site design and setup to anchor some of the Facebook "comments" that your clients' products and services receive
- Instagram and Snapchat to curate specific content
-, Flickr and Facebook to create photo albums with "photos to tell the client's story"

Any teenager can earn "Money Before a Diploma," as described in
The certifications shown below are offered by universities and institutes.
I'm a Digital Footprint Advisor
I'm a Digital Footprint Manager
I'm a Digital Footprint Account Manager
I'm a Digital Footprint Counselor
I'm a Digital Footprint Coach
I'm a Digital Footprint Tutor
I'm a Digital Footprint Specialist

If you want to call yourself any of these titles, then take the course at

Conservation Energy Program Specialist -- that was a title that I held while I was a Presidential Management Intern at the US Department of Energy 1991-92.  I had a master's degree in public administration.

But I was in OTJ training   ON THE JOB training.  And that's all that the master's degree gave me... the piece of paper so I could go call myself "Conservation Energy Program Specialist."

21Century.Education offers a list of skills that we can train you to do.  You also have access to our experts who have learned through OJT University (on the job training).  If you want help getting your clients more attention, let's work together.

You can start by going to the eight exercises to build your client's portfolio.  When you have completed the eight projects, you can contact and receive a certificate stating that you are a Digital Footprint Specialist.  You can call yourself a Digital Footprint Advisor.

Here are examples of other training programs that you might want to consider.

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