Monday, April 10, 2017

Develop your international business and communication skills by reading blogs and stories from other countries. StoryPick has brought dozens of stories from across the seas....

The ONLINE MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL aims to promote Intercultural Communication.
 That can start when you read newspapers and blogs that originate in other countries.  Look at these names:

“I would like to point out that though airlines routinely confiscate knives, scissors, and cricket bats, there are quite a few other potential weapons that are innocuously flying at 30,000 feet up in the air. I don’t mean smuggling a matchstick and trying to ignite your Scotch on the rocks, but it can lead to equally disastrous results when you pour copious amounts of the same down your throat.
More recently, when all the free inflight booze led to a free-for-all, with an allegedly inebriated comedian, Kapil Sharma, hurling a shoe at his colleague. Please note, footwear is also apparently yet another trendy weapon these days.”
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LINK to Story is on the OFFICIAL READING LIST of the Online Middle and High school and

Students at is your reading list.  This guy shows his mansion and his fast cars in Internet advertisements and  then says, "I got all of this because I read."

That is one of the most compelling "Reading is Fun" campaigns that I've ever seen.  BRAVO TO TAI.  The Online Middle and High School salutes Tai for his ad where he says, "I didn't learn about the four important areas in school:  health, wealth, love (which is social skills) and happiness."  And he has workshops to train students ...

Try it for yourself.  Visit his website about books and start reading the summaries of these books.  Why not read Arnold's book (Total Recall)?