Monday, February 27, 2017

The Three Baskets and how to use the ONLINE Platform. See 20 minutes of an actual lesson. THIS IS HOW TO PROVIDE fully guided instruction.

Today's note
THE LOGIN for Gradpoint is located at

Ashton is working on an essay due (tentatively) around March 10
The essay can be seen at Ashton demonstrated the use of GRADPOINT, completing nearly 30 minutes of instruction

Note the "false choices" that I offered him in the second video.
"Do coyotes live in Asia or Africa?"

I also covered the screen and asked him to define "mood" and "tone" and then we checked our personal definitions.

Expository and Narrative and Persuasive essays were discussed. 1 of 2 videos showing the Gradpoint session (14 minutes)    14 minutes  2 of 2 videos showing the Gradpoint session (9 minutes)   The three baskets of "how to persuade" and "Articles and comics" and "Tools of learning" with a special reference to "the Hand," a book recommended by Enrique Gonzalez, former principal of Frida Kahlo High School in Los Angeles

Bacteria and worms, grown in a Sheep's blood Agar solution of 5%

Students also need to visit the NEIL POSTMAN Video

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