Monday, February 27, 2017

I learned something yesterday PINCKNEY

I come from New Jersey, so I know the Revolutionary War heroes John Witherspoon and Richard Stockton

The Battle of Trenton and Princeton
"turning the tide of the war"
I din't know about Thomas Pinckney

I love the tales of the Swamp Fox, Francis Marion and his procedure of drining apple cider vinegar to avoid mosquitoes and maintain a strong body.

I learned about Pinckney and his role after the War.

I heard about Pinckney from a parent of one of my students.

I learned something yesterday.   Here is the link to the WIKI Page

I also learned about the AIDS virus (which is a PARTICLE!  It's not alive!)
HEre is a link from SFGate (a blog for the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper).

The power of a boycott?
I have been asked by some friends to send messages to vendors who sell Trump materials.  I wonder.  
What jobs are lost or threatened because of a boycott?  Some people are part of the situation.   They just work for Ivanka.
Is there a middle ground?   Can I write to the vendors and ask for their side of the story?  Are they on the way to phasing out the products?  Do I need to be harsh to get my point across?   Some companies are nice, like Zappos.

See Interesting that someone has started a comprehensive list.  Feel free to share.

What should a teacher know how to do?
See the new document

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